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Adresses postales

Phone numbers



Outdated emails rate : ~15% / years
Our solution Datexis Email allows you tu upgrade the entirety of your base, increase your deliverability and refine your segmentation for better targeting and immediate return of investment. 

Autonomous cleaning

We entirely clean and normalize your email databases

Email checking

We use high-precision algorithms to check that email adresses exist Our methods are all 100% GDPR compliant.

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Data Deduplication

Our Deduplication systems harmonize and synchronize your data bases for efficient use.  

Correcting incorrect adresses

Reformating and normalizing email adresses and suggesting new ones.

Comparing with our reference databases

40 millions encrypted B2B and B2C emails for checking existence and validity. 

Validation in real time

Email validity check during input in real time.

Le Quickwin Datexis: Reactivating of Quarantined emails

Datexis systems allow you to reactivate up until 50% of your quarantine base : client contacts rejected by mistake ! Acquisition costs for non-active emails is considerably lower compared to acquisition costs for emails and allows to reactivate dormant clients. Thus, it's a very efficient way to boost your emailing campaigns


Free audit and testing

We analyze a sample of you quarantine base, to estimate correcting costs. 



We establish a customized process for selecting and reactivating the best emails. 



Gradual reintegration of emails in standard fluxes.


Postal Addresses

Outdated emails rate : ~15% / years
Cleaning your databases allows you to contact a larger number of clients, targeting them better and segmenting markets. This processing is essential to cut down on useless emails and thus decrease you costs.

Worldwide postal address verification process

Restructuring , Normalizing and ValidatingPostal addresses all over the world.

Undelivred mail analysis

Identifying and correcting incorrect addresses.

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Data deduplication

Identification and advice for processing duplicates (definition, first in a series, aggregating duplicates), along with checking for pre-existence.

Input assistance and postal check

Accelerate and facilitate entering new addresses in your base along with avoiding inserting new errors.

Le Quickwin Datexis: A natively worldwide solution 

Processing several millions international addresses per hour

Saas module

Saas module or on-premise postal address verification process and address input assistance.

International postal repositories

In collaboration with the UPU (Universal Postal Union) and national post offices, we cover the whole world.

European Opt-Out

Datexis is one of the only firms to have gathered the entirety of European opt-out lists, the mandatory exclusion lists.


Phone numbers

Outdated emails rate : ~15% / yearCleaning and reformatting phone numbers worldwide allows you to contact a bigger number of clients, normalize phone numbers and check for their existence.

Phone number normalization

Upgrading your phone number databases to comply with norms.

Phone number input checking assistance

Assisting with phone number input.

A database to clean ?

Call Ghost Busters Datexis


Emails out of quarantine 

400 million Postal addresses processed each week worldwide

2 milliardsEmails in our reference base 


Return on investment  


Case Study: DELL

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    Correcting postal addresses

    Base size

    800 million unique logs


    Europe, Middle-East, Africa


    Redressement hebdomadaire

    Final quality

    More than 99%

    Dell wanted to harmonize, restructure and correct its international database to allow marketing to address the entirety of their base.
    Datexis installed an infrastructure and tools to process each week the entirety of all countries and logs covered by DELL, correct, analyze and dispatch in the appropriate fields all client contact elements.

Implementing Datexis tools allows us to improve considerably the quality of our EMEA databases. Involving Datexis in DELL’s complex processes allowed us to standardize and harmonize our client data and therefore allowed the CRM to provide a better service for sales teams.

Vincent Hontebeyrie, CRM Director EMEA, DELL

Case Study: Nespresso

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    Reactivating quarantined emails

    Base size

    1,2 million d'emails /an

    Reactivation rate

    25%, meaning 300.000 emails recovered each year

    Nespresso entrusted Datexis Digital with the mission to correct quarterly its quarantine bases
    To carry out this process, Datexis integrates into Nespresso’s standard campaigns, implements routing, analyzes returns and extracts the relevant emails which will be reintegrated into Nespresso’s standard fluxes

Working with Datexis allows us not only to upgrade the size of our client email database but also to quickly grow our sales revenue with a very strong return on investments.
Setting up regular processing allows for controlling our quarantine base growth and ensures we don’t lose clients

Arnaud Caillon, Data Manager, Nespresso

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