Data Privacy

We guarantee compliance with European guidelines regarding the use of your data.



Datexis helps companies transitioning to GDPR compliance. 

  • Data treatment mapping

    We help you review uses, processes and personal data used by your company.

  • Risk management

    We help you determine the appropriate technical and organizational steps to protect personal data.

  • Prioritizing which steps to take

    Depending on the size of your company and your conformity goals, we prioritize and plan together which steps to take.

  • Reorganizing internal processes

    We assist you in implementing business processes guaranteeing data safety and privacy as well as compliance with local regulations.


Robinson Lists  

Datexis assists companies concerned with the ethic of their communication efforts through filtering solutions for recipients who wish not to be contacted.

  • Email addresses

    Filter email addresses of people registered on opt-out lists.

  • Phone numbers

    Filter phone numbers of people registered on opt-out lists.

  • Postal addresses

    Filter postal addresses of people registered on opt-out lists.

  • International opt-out lists

    Datexis is one of the few companies to have gathered all European opt-out lists : exclusion lists that you must comply with in marketing campaigns.

A database to clean ?

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40%emails put out of quarantine  

400 millions postal addresses processed each week everywhere in the world

2 milliardsemails in reference databases  


return on investment    

Case Study: DELL

  • Illustration


    Compliance of marketing campaigns in regard to local regulations

    Base size

    20 million unique logs


    Europe, Middle-East, Africa


    Bi-monthly filtering

    Final result

    100% compliant with international regulations 

    Complying with local regulations is mandatory for all marketing campaigns.
    DELL chose DATEXIS to help them comply with regulations in Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. Datexis provides filtering tools for all their direct or indirect marketing campaigns.

    It allows them to avoid heavy penalties (ranging up to several thousand Euros) due to non-compliance with regulations.

Datexis allows us to have an ethical marketing approach, and first and foremost to be compliant with the regulations of all countries in which we have marketing campaigns. The risk of financial penalties for non-compliance with local regulations is thus largely diminished.

Vincent Hontebeyrie, CRM Director EMEA, DELL

Case Study: KUBOTA

  • Illustration


    KUBOTA wants to comply with GDPR regulations with tools and processes implemented by DATEXIS across Europe.





    Final result

    A client database compliant with GDPR regulations.

    DATEXIS works directly with KUBOTA CRM to make sure contact is in conformity with GDPR, and that it doesn’t appear on any European opt-out lists.

    Brought into compliance with countries regulations and GDPR.

Our CRM’s connection with the DATEXIS framework allows us to have not only a structured base with normalized and valid addresses, but also to make sure that we have each client’s consent and manage how long we store their data.
We are thus compliant with GDPR regulations.

Homayoun MIR, IT Director, KUBOTA Europe

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